Marriage Procedure

  1. Early morning before sun raise , Nalungu process should be done and bridge and bridegroom should take head bath and get ready for the marriage program
  2. Start with arasanikaal, 5  sumangali( Groom side 3 sumangali  and bridgroom side 2 sumangali ) gather in mandapam and perform abhishegam to arasanikaal and Finally tie the arasanikaal on the north east corner pole in the mandapam
  3. Now arrange malaigal and poo chendu in tambalam with marriage dress set
  4. Send out dress set and malaigal to makkal for aasirvaatham
  5. Invite manamagan to madabam, manamagan and Maapillai Tholan
  6. Managan should do vinayagar poojai and iyer hand over the managan dress set and garlands to managan, its time to wear new marriage dress
  7. Invite manamagal to madabam, manamagal and tholi ponnu
  8. manamagal should do vinayagar poojai and iyer hand over the manamagal dress set and garlands to manamagal, its time to wear new marriage dress
  9. [ Optional ] Call manamagan and do the kankana and upanayanam( wearing new poonal ) ( Wear kankanam to manamagan and arasanikal )
  10. Kasiyathirai - Take manamagan outside kalyana mandabam, ask manamagan sit on the chair, now machan should put kalai on the groom and bring back to mandabam
  11. Invite manamagal to hall, Now manamagan and manamagal join together and stand on the madabam front , Here put 5 leaf and 5 pongal serve on the leaf, show karpoora harathi and break the coconut - for neivethiyam
  12. Now managan and manamagal join together and get in to mandam
  13. Tie kankanam to managan and manamagal and arasanikaal
  14. Patha poojai to manamagan parents &  manamagal parents
  15. Send out mangalyam to sabha aasirvaatham
  16. homam ( If this is in procedure, please do it )
  17. Maha sangalpam
  18. Dharmecha Arthecha Kamecha Mokshecha Naati Charami - Manamagan and manamagal parents put 5 drops on the mangalyam
  19. Mangalya Poojai
  20. Maangal ya dhaaranam - Process
    1. Tradition 1 - Manamagan and manamagal - Utkaara vaiththu maangalya thaaranam 
    2. Tradition 2 - Manamagan and manamagal - Should site face to face ( like east facing manamagal and west facing manamagan , One veshti screen should present between managan and manamagal middle) Both should stand and managan right leg big toe place on the manamagal big toe and perform mangalya program
    3. Tradition 3 - Manamagan and manamagal - Should take jagerry in mouth till mangal thaaranam program complets
  21. Mangalyam - While performing mangalyam naathanaaru should keep kamachi lamp (Aalam vilakku ) behind manamagal , after mangalya, viliakkum should round the mandabam three times
  22. Mangalyam - While performing mangalyam process, parallely put water on the big pot
  23. Moondru mudichu
    1. Tradition 1 - Three mudichu by manamagan
    2. Tradition 2 - Two mudichu by manamagan and one by naathanaaru ( manamagan sister )
  24. Manamagan and manamagal - Sabai aasirvatham, Gifts receiving
  25. Now manamagan and manamagal, change their seat position and perform the Sesha ( This is a kind Drishti 
  26. Mundhaanai mudichu
  27. Laaja Homam - he offering of puffed rice to the sacred fire.
    1. Manamagan and manamagal - Lets round 3 time mandabam, Here Kidz should take paligaigal, machaan,Manamagan and manamagal, nathanar
      1. Naththanaar - She should take aalam villakku and she it first person in the line
      2. Kidz - kidz should take paligaigal they are second person in the line
      3. Machan hold managan hand and manamagan hold manamagal hand and lets starts round
      4. Round 1 - Start round, Ammi mel metti pottu valam varavendum, mudivil homathil pori poduthal [iyaṁ nāryupabrūte - Girl requesting god, giv 100 year life to husband]
      5. Round 2 - Start round,  mudivil homathil pori poduthal [ ariyaManam NuDevam - She entering in to new house / start new journey with new family, that life should go very happily also she should contribute lot and lot of the boy family (girl request - ennal indha kulathirkku ella nanmaigalum yerpada vendum)]
      6. Round 3 - Start round,  mudivil homathil pori poduthal (ThomaryaMaam bhavasi - She requesting agni god, agni you are my father, so she request agni bagavaan please give all bless in my new life journey) ,  This is last round, now manamagan should offer gold ring and dress set to machaan, 
      7. Release kidz and naathanaar
  28. Homa rakshi vaiththal
  29. Maatri utkaaravaithu seshai
  30. Lets SIT back to nomral 
  31. Now managan and manamagal sit in the face to face mananer and change the garland ( malai mattruthal )
  32. Lets SIT back to nomral 
  33. Neeradu pooradu ( in water put ring and manchal kizhangu - who going to pick gold, that is the game, do this game three times )
  34. Kuzhadhai vilayaatu 
    1. Tradition 1 - Hand over baby to nathanaar
    2. Tradition 2 - Hand over to mamiyaar
  35. Remove Kankanam
  36. Remove Mundhaanai mudichu
  37. Mugurththa kaai
    1. Tradition 1 - Put mugurththa kaai in manamagal mudhanai and  ask nathanaar to tie perfectly and confirtabily
    2. Tradition 2 - mugurththa kaai hand hover to maamiyaar / naathanaar
  38. Aaalam karaithtal
  39. Arundhadhi namaskaaram (Arundhati, she is the wife of Vasishta Maharishi, She is exemplified as an ideal wife.)
  40. Send out manamagan and manamagal to maapilai veetirkku ( room ) both should take one tumblur milk [Few people called this procedure as Griha Pravesham]
  41. Send out  manamagan and manamagal to manamagal veetirkku ( room ) both should take one tumblur milk