Ayudha Pooja 2023

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Durga Gayathiri Mantra

Om Kathyayanaya Vidhmahe Kanya Kumari cha Dheemahe Thanno Durgaya Prachodayat

துர்க்கை காயத்ரி மந்திரம்: 

ஓம் காத்யாயனய வித்மஹே கன்யாகுமாரி தீமஹி தன்னோ துர்கிப்ரசோதயாத்

How to start ayudha pooja

First, all vocation-related equipment is thoroughly cleaned. All the equipment is then painted or thoroughly polished before being covered in vermillion, sandalwood paste, and turmeric paste (in the form of an insignia or symbol called a tilakam).

How to do pooja for Ayudha Pooja?

Hang the mango leaf torans from the entrance door of the house. Fresh flowers have also been used to embellish the idols in the Puja chamber. Arrange the writing instruments, books, and laptops in front of the gods. Puffed rice, jaggery, and fried peanuts from the Ayudha Puja's Prasad should be combined.


How to do pooja for Ayudha Pooja?

Muhurat    2:47 PM to 3:31 PM


What is Ayudha Puja’s origin story?

The goddess Durga, who slew the demonic Mahishasura when he assumed the form of a buffalo, is the central mythical figure of the Ayudha Puja. Maa Durga defeated the monster by employing the resources, aptitudes, and powers of all the gods. It took nine days to resolve the disagreement. On the eve of Navami, Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura to put an end to the battle.


The Ayudha Puja ritual is performed as a result, and the day is observed as Mahanavami.All of the tools and weapons that Goddess Durga used are believed to have accomplished their original purpose. It was now appropriate to show them reverence and return to the proper deities.


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